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Coral Gables Towing

24 Hour Towing Service

Roadside Assistance – Cheap Towing Rates – 30 Min Response Time


Coral Gables Towing is a local towing company that serves the entire Coral Gables region. Our team is knowledgeable about the region and will reach you regardless of your location in the city.


Coral Gables Towing remains one of the most trusted local towing companies in the Coral Gables region. A family-owned company, Coral Gables Towing is a customer-oriented business that strives to completely satisfy the individual needs of each client. We not only aim at reaching the expectations of our clients but exceeding them as well. Our core principles are delivering reliability, transparency, affordability, and quality service. Before embarking on delivering towing services, we begin by establishing with you a direct and personal connection through our friendly and courteous professionals. This ensures that we completely understand your requirements and expectations.

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Coral Gables Towing Company

Unparalleled Customer Service

Coral Gables Towing guarantees you safe and secure towing services. We maintain our commitment to ensuring that your vehicle is towed in the safest way possible, preventing every kind of dent or scratch that may deface your vehicle during the tow. With remarkable finesse, our professionally trained staff meticulously handle your vehicle from the loading, transport, and unloading of the vehicle. We use strong fastening equipment to strap your vehicle while on transit to guarantee its safety. Besides handling your car with great care, you will also be taken proper care of throughout the process.

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Providing round-the-clock services, Our towing company is the company to turn to with your every towing need regardless of the time of day or night. Get in touch with us today (click here) for details on the services you require.

Covered Areas

Coral Gables Towing is a local towing company that serves the entire Coral Gables region. Our team is knowledgeable about the region and will reach you regardless of your location in the city.

24/7 Services

Vehicle emergencies are accidents that can happen at any time. Having an automotive towing service that answers your call whenever you are in need of towing service is therefore crucial not only for your peace of mind but for your safety and convenience as well. Coral Gables Towing understands the plight of drivers whenever they are faced with emergencies during odd hours. As a solution to such situations, we provide round-the-clock services that you can access at any time. Give us a call regardless of the vehicle problem you are facing or location within Coral Gables and rest assured that we will provide swift and efficient towing.

Delivering All-Round Towing Services

Whether you are a new or seasoned driver, occasionally, you are likely to need the services of a towing company. It may be because of a flat tire, a fault in the engine, or even a bump in, whichever the case, the services of Coral Gables Towing are sure to come in handy. We boast of a dedicated staff that is especially committed to helping you out of your vehicle problem.
We are a local, family-owned business that operates in the Coral Gables city. We understand the need for emergency towing services and have designed our services to help you solve such issues whenever they arise. We have all the required facilities to deliver outstanding towing services. if you are looking at a vehicle stuck in the mud or one with a dysfunctional engine, all you need to do is give us a call and we will be more than glad to be of assistance. We act swiftly upon receiving your call and work every angle to ensure that your issue is sorted out within the shortest time. For dangerous situations, we have an emergency team that is trained and experienced at keeping both you and the vehicle safe all through the towing.

Coral Gables Towing

Coral Gables Towing Service

Coral Gables Towing has a long-standing track record of quality and reliable car towing service delivery. We not only possess cutting-edge towing equipment but also boast of a team of experienced and well-trained towing experts who will handle your vehicle with care and get it to the intended destination in perfect shape. We provide towing services for various cars, regardless of size, make, or model.

Providing a Solution to Stranded Drivers

Running out of fuel halfway through your journey and being unable to reach the next fueling station is a vexing and inconveniencing experience. You may also be stuck with a drained battery that prevents the vehicle from starting. Rather than spend hours trying to reach the next filling station, Coral Gobles offers a faster and convenient solution to such problems. Our fuel delivery services are great for you to get ahead of the situation and proceed with your journey. We also offer vehicle battery jumpstart services to help you start your vehicle and be on your way. If the issue at hand can not be solved at your location, we also have the towing services to help you get the vehicle to the next garage or intended destination.

Flatbed and Trailer Towing

At Coral Gables Towing, the condition in which your vehicle is delivered to the requested destination is a very important factor. To see this through, we take every safety measure to ensure the vehicle is delivered in great shape. This is why we use safe alternatives such as leather straps and flatbed or lowboy trailer towing in our operations. The low trailers make it easy to safely load that vehicle onto the trailer and get it to the intended destination safely.

Services for Property Owners

To prevent illegal parking on your business or residential parking space, it is important to have reserved parking signage. There are however some drivers who will ignore these signs and still park illegally in your parking space. This is another area in which Coral Gables Towing will come into company. We are licensed to tow away vehicles that park illegally on your property. We are swift and handle all the paperwork to save you both time and effort.

Periodic Patrols

Our round-the-clock patrol services are tailored to help property owners keep their parking lots free of illegal vehicle parkers. We conduct regular checks on the property and radio in any illegal parking noticed. Our towing experts then arrive at the property to tow away the illegally parked vehicle and free up your parking space.

Coral Gables Towing