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Car blocking driveway? What to do in Miami

It could be really frustrating coming home after a hectic day at work only for you not to be able to get access to your driveway because apparently, there is a car parked, preventing you from driving in. It could be worse if it is an emergency that requires you leaving home immediately but then, you are not able to, because your car is stuck and you may especially not even have an idea of who the vehicle owner is.

Some may pretend like they are not aware they are blocking your driveway while some others will make excuses that they are not at fault especially if your driveway is very close to the road. In situations like this, there is very little the government can do. Although a car blocking your driveway is an offense, it still is civil and not a criminal offense requiring so much from the government.

What then do you do to prevent cars from blocking your driveway?


In cases where you are aware of the identity of whomever’s car, it is, blocking your driveway, communication can work. There are some circumstances that the offender is your next-door neighbor, and then you can talk to them about it.

Communicate with them politely and make them see and understand how their car blocking your driveway is quite inconvenient and uncomfortable. If you can and are willing to, suggest suitable places or spots where they can have their cars parked. Make the discussion as civil and polite as possible to enable them to listen to reason.

Make use of notes and stickers

So what if you do not have an idea of the offender’s identity, how then are you able to communicate with them? This is where notes come in. You can stick or attach a friendly note to their car window or some other ‘never to miss’ spots stating that their cars are parked in a way that blocks your driveway.

Put up signs and traffic cones

You can as well get signs and/or traffic cones placed, to inform people about your driveway and prevent them from parking in, or obstructing your driveway. It is important that you make use of bright colored cones and noticeable signs to enable them to be properly seen by other drivers or car owners.

Alert tow companies

This may sound a little extreme but there may be a need for it especially if the offender is not willing to listen, or when communication and any of the above does not work.

Also, in situations where the car owner is not available for a long time and you seem not to get access to him/her, let alone your driveway, calling tow companies will serve as a kind of deterrent to other offenders who have been intruding.

Install security cameras

Although expensive, security cameras go a long way in preventing cars from blocking driveways. You can, with the use of the camera, record videos of car owners and drivers who have blocked your driveway, and keep such videos for reference (as you could intend to make an investigation, much later).

When you do decide to investigate the case, those involved in the practice of parking in your driveway will have no choice but to admit their actions and from thenceforth, keep off it. Asides preventing driveway blockage, security cameras provide added advantages – they help to prevent willful damage and theft (of vehicles).

You can as well go the extra mile in the use of these cameras by making people aware you have security cameras installed. If you have a sticker stating that drivers beware of camera surveillance, you will see how rapidly the number of cars blocking your driveway, will reduce.

Install a gate

If you are looking to prevent cars from blocking your driveway in Miami, and you do not have a gate, you should install one. (as soon as possible too). Gates do a lot from security to beautification, you shouldn’t lack one. Having a gate secures your private drive because you can always lock up the gate with a padlock.

Anyone who then tries to break in, for want of a parking space can be sued for a criminal offense. Such an individual not only vandalized your gate (which is personal property), but also intruded your privacy, and should be punished for that.

Paint a line

You can also paint lines on your driveway to mark it out as private property. This will require some processes but if it will prevent having a car blocking your driveway, why not?

You will first have to visit the right authority for permission which may also require them to have someone ensure that the driveway in question is not in any way part of the road and neither is it outside your residential property.

After this is done, you can involve the state building company or agency to help do the needful. Painted lines are pretty hard to ignore, so this makes this option a suitable alternative nonetheless.

Involve the Police and/or Other Authority

car blocking driveway police

Inasmuch as a car blocking your driveway is a civil offense, you might as well alert the police to help out if the situation calls for it. The Police may be able to do only a little, but the little of course could go a long way.

They will have to send in a representative to investigate and ensure the driveway isn’t on public property before going on to talk to or warn the offender. It is even easier if you have proofs or better still, recordings from your security camera.

Although having a car block your driveway is something that the authority can do little about, you’ll be surprised at the effectiveness and efficiency of simple measures tactically carried out. Besides, it’s Miami, and the issue of cars blocking driveways is almost unavoidable.

As terrible as the situation could seem, you shouldn’t overlook the tips provided either. They proffer not only immediate but also long-term solutions to the problem. Cheers to better enjoying your car and even your driveway!