start car with dead battery

How To Start Car With Dead Battery?

Do you want to know “how to start car with dead battery?” If yes, you are in the right place because, in today’s article, we are going to answer this important question.

Before we tell you the steps, it is important to know the factors that cause a dead battery. The most common reason is corroded or loose battery connections, charging issues, persistent electrical drains, and extreme weather conditions.

Other causes are slow to crank, which means that the car’s engine will take time to start. If such is the situation, it means your car’s battery is dead. Dim headlights, backfiring, lack of dome light and clicking sounds are all due to a dead battery.

So, how to start car with dead battery? Well, Jump-starting your car is probably the most common way to overcome or deal with this problem. For this, you need a set of jumper cables and another car operating on a fully-functional battery. Remember, don’t jump-start your car if you see any cracks in the battery or leaking of acid.

Steps to start car with a dead battery

start car with dead battery

Here is the step-by-step guidelines or instruction to start your car with a dead battery. Continue reading!

Step 1: The first step is to take out the jumper cables. Generally speaking, you should always have a set of jumper cables in your car so that in an emergency situation, you could start your car with a dead or discharged battery. If you don’t have jumper cables, you need to find another car with jumper cables.

Step 2: The second step requires you to place your car and the other car in Neutral gear. Make sure the ignition is shut off in both cars. You need to engage the parking brakes as well. Now, you need to attach one of the red clips to the battery’s positive terminal. You will see that the clip has a “+” or “POS” written over it.

Step 3: This is an important step, which requires you to attach the clip to another car’s positive terminal. Do you see the black clips? One of them is required to be are attached to the negative terminal of the other battery. Moreover, you are left with one black clip – so attach it to a metal surface of the car. Make sure the metal surface is not near the battery and unpainted. Tip: You can use the metal strut, which holds the bonnet open.

Step 4: This is the last step when you want to start a car with a dead battery. After attaching the clips, try to start your car. If it is not starting, check whether or not you have properly connected the cables. Try again and this time you probably would see that your car has started. In contrast, if the cables are properly connected and your car is not starting, it means you need a new battery. Lastly, when your car is started, don’t shut off it immediately. Leave it for some time and then drive for at least 10-15 minutes so that the battery of your car is recharged. Good Luck!