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5 Sure-fire Ways to Get Free Roadside Assistance

Free roadside assistance can save you more money if you know the best way to go about it each time you get stuck on the road. Every time your car breaks down in the middle of the road, you’ll face the acute inconvenience of losing your time and the cost of repair and towing to the mechanic for repair (double). In this post, we will show you ways to get free roadside assistance depending on your plan so that you easily scale through each time you find yourself in such a situation.

1. Car Manufacturers

Depending on your car manufacturer, some new and used cars as highlighted in come with a warranty that covers free roadside assistance. Coverage varies, but you can usually use it if you run out of the car, run out of gas, or if you need a trailer. has a list of free roadside assistance coverage by the manufacturer. There is a caveat: they can tow your car only to the nearest dealership.

2. Credit card companies

Some credit card companies (such as Bank of America or Wells Fargo) offer free roadside assistance. There may be a limit to the number of towing kilometers or other exclusions. You should find out for yourself before using the service.

3. Car insurance providers

If you have full car insurance and a collision car insurance, you can add roadside assistance that includes towing assistance to your plan. Although the cost varies depending on your location and the type of car you drive, these are the fees:

  • Progressive – $ 3 per month
  • Geico – $ 1.83 per month
  • State Farm – $ 4.10 per month

4. Wireless service providers

Although some wireless service provider like T-Mobile do not offer free roadside assistance, many other major providers do. You benefit from towing (distance limits may apply), locksmith assistance, tire changes, and gas service. Here are the costs:

  • AT&T – $ 2.99 per month
  • Verizon Wireless – $ 3 per month
  • Sprint – $ 4 per month

5. Auto Clubs

Auto clubs are standalone services, and they require membership to enjoy their free roadside assistance privileges. Here are the rates:

  • AAA–this has been a long-standing auto club, the American Automobile Association has three levels of membership. Subscribers into the basic plan benefit from the roadside and short-distance towing. Subscribers of the AAA Plus can tow up to 100 miles and receive lock-out assistance. Premier members enjoy 200 miles of free towing and 24-hour concierge service. The cost of each plan varies by place of residence but varies from less than $ 50 to more than $ 130.
  • Better World Club: the BWC is an ecological auto club: you can buy roadside assistance for your bike and get discounts for hybrid rentals. The basic subscription costs $ 55.95 per year. The premium subscription costs $ 89.95.
  • Good Hands Roadside Assistance: it’s not a car club, but an Allstate program, and it’s open to everyone. There are no annual fees, but you pay as you go. The trailer costs $ 75 for the first 10 miles and $ 3 per mile thereafter. If you need another service (such as a tire change), it will cost you $ 50.