abandoned vehicle

A Guide To Taking Ownership of An Abandoned Vehicle

Abandoned Vehicle – Most times, acting on your temptations prove to be regrettable decisions. You can get branded a glutton and any other negative labels that might dampen your social influence, or waste your time and resources in grooming something that will turn out to not be yours. In the curious case of an abandoned car, you don’t want to be a victim of either consequences.

That is not to say that there is no way to do something about that vehicle that has been stuck in your front lawn for God knows how long, Instead, passing through the right procedures to get ownership of that vehicle’s title. While you must have examined the abandoned vehicle to see if it is worth all the stress in the form of the various complications and possibilities you may face – legal or not –there are two major steps and a personal audit to be undergone when trying to repurpose an abandoned vehicle, they are:

Confirm the Poise of The State’s Regulations Concerning Abandoned Vehicles

There are two main purposes you should bear in mind when considering the status of the vehicle. First, is whether the car has been truly abandoned or not. This is done by, first and more importantly, acquainting yourself with what your state’s description of an abandoned vehicle is. Different regions and states have rules and specific details to be put into consideration before calling a car an abandoned vehicle. Each state might have different views when considering the duration of stay of the vehicle in that location. To be completely sure, visit the Department of local vehicles or even the local DMV store for more information.

Also, while you research the rights you have towards abandoned vehicles, if any special conditions exist before possession is allowed or if there are any fees, evidence or documents required of you.

Contact the Owner

The next step will see you take note of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). You can get it off the left corner of the steering wheel, on the front engine block, the container that holds the windshield fluid, the side view mirror or around the latch of the car door.

Take this number to the local DMV, they will use the VIN to notify the owner of the status of the car and your interest in obtaining the title for the car. The local law enforcement and the media will also be notified about information concerning the car like its model, license plate number or year.

Strike A Deal with The Owner or Buy from The Public Auction

In case you want to avoid the public auction of the authorities, you can negotiate with the owner of the abandoned vehicle, especially if you’re adamant about the vehicle. To do this, you will need to create a bill that contains your name and some other personal details and details of the abandoned car like its model, year, brand, identification number, the agreed purchase price and the signature of the current owner. In some rare cases, the owner may give it to you for free, you will still have to document it by applying for a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Transfer Affidavit in some states. Of course, the local DMV can help you out if any peculiar situation arises. In case the owner has lost the original title, you can reach out to your local DMV to get a duplicate or the owner might appeal for a duplicate title. Both procedures are not always easy to get through. In cases where the owner cannot be found, reach out to your local; attorney to get a ‘quiet title.’ So many things can happen during the process, but you should be fine if you’re careful and on the right side of the law.