lien on your license

Can A Towing Company Put A Lien On Your License?

Lien on your license – Towing companies have a tough job. They are not only called to tow away cars that are being repossessed by the bank or previous owners, they are also asked by the powers that be to tow away illegally parked cars and damaged or totaled cars that have been involved in accidents.

Tow companies do their jobs and go to a great deal expense when towing any vehicle. On top of the actual towing there are also storage fees as well as paperwork. All to often, people who have their vehicles towed don’t want to or can’t afford to pay their towing fees and without the towing company having the ability to put a lien on a vehicle they would never be able to collect the money they are owed.

In most states, towing companies can put a lien on the vehicle itself and any items left in the vehicle at the time of towing in an effort to collect their fees. If the owner does not pay the fee and reclaim their vehicle, the vehicle is later sold at auction so that the towing company can get at least some of their money back.

However, if the vehicle is completely damaged and the owner of the vehicle refuses to pay then the towing company does not recover enough money to make up their fees. The state of Florida, allows towing companies to go one step further in order to recover the money they are owed by allowing them to place a lien on the owners driver’s license.

What A Lien on Your Driver’s License Means

When a towing company puts a lien on your driver’s license it does not affect your current license at all since the lien does not result in a suspension of your license. However, in the future this lien on your driver’s license can affect you a great deal. Once your driver’s license expires you will not be able to renew it without paying off the towing company. In addition, this lien can prevent you from renewing or getting a new vehicle registration, renewing your tags and even renewing your insurance.

In affect, it will prevent you from owning or driving a car until the tow company gets their money.

If your car was illegally towed or there is some other legal reason why you should not have to pay the towing company then you may need to get an attorney and fight it in court in order to get the lien taken off your license.

If you legitimately owe the towing company fees, your best bet is pay the fees and get your car back before any more storage fees add up. That way you can repair or sell your vehicle, and prevent a lien being placed on your licensed.

Try and remember that the tow company is just doing their job and they deserve to be paid for the services they provide, a lien on your license is just their way of trying and getting the payment for the services they rendered.