Can towing a car damage the transmission?

Can towing a car damage the transmission?

How Does Towing Affect Transmission?

Can towing a car damage the transmission? – While the transmission is tough, it can still be damaged, especially due to bad driving habits and carelessness. Stay alert about the factors that can hamper your transmission in order to avoid costly repairs down the road.

Can towing a car damage the transmission?

It is advisable to tow only from the front wheels in case of a front wheel drive vehicle. Never tow the car in overdrive. Look for a button on the dash or steering column that turns overdrive off. If your vehicle doesn’t have this button, if probably has the overdrive position on the shift indicator. Pull the shift lever from overdrive to the drive position before towing.

With a manual transmission or a 4×4 vehicle with a transfer case which goes to neutral (a four position transfer case, not a three position with only a 2HI, 4HI, and 4LO option), you can simply put those into neutral. But an automatic transmission doesn’t disengage transmission from wheels, so when this car is towed, it forces the transmission to turn in a direction it isn’t supposed to.

Can towing a car damage the transmission?

Tips to prevent transmission breakdown

Check Fluids

For every 1,600 kms traveled the transmission fluid needs to be checked thoroughly. If the number exceeds 80,000 kms, or a year has gone by, it is imperative to get the fluid changed depending on which comes first. Types of fluid vary from vehicle to vehicle. Some newer fluids may be more expensive but they will likely improve the protection of the transmission, which makes it worth the expense. While adding fluid, you need to follow the guide very carefully – never overfill! If that happens, the fluid starts foaming, and leads to erratic shifting, loss of internal lubrication and potential transmission damage.

Avoid Overheating

As mentioned, overheating can cause a plethora of problems! Ensure the heat is reduced back to normal operating temperatures, so your vehicle continues to perform well. You can install an auxiliary cooler to prevent transmission damage due to extra heat. It helps the transmission run 30% to 50% cooler when towing.

Give Time for Warm Ups

On cold mornings, you need to give the transmission at least 30 seconds to an hour for warm ups before driving. Don’t rock between gears if the car gets stuck in mud or ice. If you must do it, be gentle and ensure the wheels stop moving before each gear change.
If your car isn’t built for towing, please don’t do it or else it can damage the transmission by putting a huge strain on it and causing overheating. In case your car has some hauling capability, make sure you stick to the suggested weight limits.