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Florida and Parking Laws

Is it legal to park in front of someone else’s house?

Parking laws – Individuals of a particular community, area, region or country are guided and act according to the dictates of the law governing the area and as such every individual is so bound by the law. There are controversial view and discuss about whether it is legal or illegal for a person to park in front of another person’s driveway and this issue has generated so much debates in Florida.

One of the most popular and famous issues Americans confront and face daily is based on issues emanating from where a neighbor or stranger parks his car and the legality or illegality of such act. Many want to know what to do in this situation as the controversial law in Florida continues to confuse rather than truly get people convinced about their rights as regards parking in the neighborhood.

The Florida state of America, just like any other state has provided a law with respect to parking for drivers living or passing across the state. It is important that these laws are well read and understood before finding solutions to manifold questions about whether it is illegal or legal for anyone to park his car in front of your driveway. The parking regulations in Florida states that drivers must move away from traffic when parking in a public space or place. With respect to roadside shoulders, drivers are to pull far from it and move close to the curb. The regulation further states that drivers must park at the right side of the road except it is a one-way street road while it is illegal for driver to park in front of the driveways of another individual. The law so made as regards ‘in front of driveways’ is what many believe is the cause of many debates about Florida’s parking laws as it is well interpreted that in front of driveways does not actually mean across of resident’s driveway. This is why Florida’s parking regulation is not in agreement with those of other states where parking or leave standing a car in front of a driveway is illegal.

Moreover, legal advice are sought for cases of where people hitting other people’s car which is parked directly across from their driveway. In this scenario, most people backing their vehicle are found guilty and this actually does not make sense to anyone. Why should anyone park across my driveway? Shouldn’t that be an illegal parking as done in other states? Why should I be the one to be guilty for hitting a car parked across my driveway? These questions highlight the need for a review of Florida’s parking laws.

The parking regulations in Florida’s drivers handbook clearly states that it is illegal for anyone to block or create hazard for any other vehicle and as it is known that most hazard is caused as a result of vehicles parked across the driveways, the need for a review is massively being pushed. As it stands, each individual may find alternative ways to avoid hitting other vehicles and being found guilty of such occurrence while they hope for a review of the regulation in Florida soon to correct the anomaly.